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I Remember August

The winter in my bones has left
the ship has sailed for warmer shores
and scattered far aloft the foams
are stories dear and whispers soft

My city has a lot of different faces
but some say only two-strong seasons’ graces.
we paint glass, wood, steel, ebony facades
and toy so with quartets of visages

I remember why the august said so then
sweet August harks gruff spectres wreathed o’er snow
that what you see may not be what you get
and what you hear can further not be trusted

How do you ascertain whilst you entertain that
song makes you strong – when harmonies are built from the bass and
voices can only wax (not wane)!

How shall I explain how
(do frosts of ages past speak so of fossils?)
music lives within me
when times pass strained an aural invasion – the
March of Tchaikovsky’s Fourth fills rapt perception
or when quietest of days-filled moments brings
the sudden sunbreak of Nessun Dorma
when drizzily petrichor raindrops jazz beats high hat psst clomp
the mind thinks it knows more but it does not what comes of it is
improvisation~ unreachable consciously light-years
away, pretending, one can only hope of the quiet of 4′ 33”
or is that the soundtrack of most, not he [who] is
singing again?

How do you prove the
eternal undying random jukebox exists now that a child’s
handheld device contains greater volumes oozing aural delights,
decadence – do we,
do I have something left to prove?


Fate / Psychocybernetics

Since is 3.11 am at the start of this post I’ll be thoroughly NOT researching this as I make up stuff while I go along.

So it is said that the brain is a goal-fulfilling machine – input a goal, and you brain will automatically take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Believe it or not, it does have the uncanny ability to do so. Illustration is better than empty talk, so my recent examples include the following:

  1. My conception of a Teacher’s Day give consisting of a postcard stored in a capsule-shaped container that the cutesy stores sell. After looking through a few shops and failing, I thought that a Plan B would be needed. During DFD lab however, we were allowed to fuse our own ampoules and there was a small collection pre-made ampoules that the staff prepared, which had coloured paper inside clear ampoules. So I made a “Happy Teacher’s Day” note on one strip and fused it with my own hands.
  2.  Had a huge bunch of brainwaves following brainstorm that ensued post-Jon Lee’s investing book, including app ideas, composition and writing ideas, monetising ideas etc. One that came out of a video I watched recently was having a room walled with whiteboards and having a computer/computers in the middle and abundant writing space on which to scribble around, and having the appropriate brain(s) working. Literally a think tank.
    Upon going to U-town’s PC Commons Room, I observe a few  circular clusters of such semi-isolated rooms.
    Talk about prescient dreams.
  3. On this topic, a few years ago I had, (remembered) and thereafter related to my mother seeing myself losing weight in the mirror. Following a (somewhat saccharine) personal goal and Starting Strength (poorly followed), I’ve received coaching from Zh, SSC gym staff, and most recently the coach & competitive (and non-comp) lifters of SWF (Sg Weightlifting Federation). Makes me guilty of the times where I simply fell asleep instead of dragging my zombified body over to train.

I credit the brain with some other automatic functions such as auto-search, which I tend to use especially when I forget the name of certain people. Last in line was Alec Guiness, whose name I forgot yesterday afternoon.

Starting to hallucinate, perhaps I’ll leave till tomorrowlater, Fate.