Nomz & Slurpz

Assuming that one eats 3 square meals a day and remembers approx. 60 years’ worth of (solid) food, each of us would have 65700 (3*365*60) or so meals in a lifetime, give or take 45 meals on the respective 29ths of February.

It is not always that a dining experience outside the home (or another’s) is memorable, given that it is afforded and then consumed with good company. It is with this in mind that I set about writing critically blunt but personally biased reviews of some of the better places that this less-well-travelled author has visited.

To make up for the lack of first-hand experience, here are some recommendations and lists that others have compiled:

Clyde B.’s Best Beer Places in Singapore – List of 8 Beer stores

Yelp’s Big On The Burgers! – List of 5 Burger stores

AngryAngMo’s 2009 List of Wine Retail Outlets – List of 5 Wine stores

Bryan Spencer’s List of 5 Craft Beer places in Singapore

Hungrygowhere’s List of 5 Affordable Craft Beer places in Singapore


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