Year 4 Semester 1

“I only have 3 minutes left so I should stop rambling. I am going to run 10 km tonight. Oh wait I am rambling again am I?”

Research Methodology, 3 minutes before end of lecture
(Courtesy: Edrei)


“It can be very, very explosive.”
– Pharmacotherapy II, On Colchicine-induced Diarrhea


“Whatever is in that [Korean] bean paste is quite toxic”
“Have you seen the box of Allopurinol? There’s picture of a leg [with Stevens-Johnson’s Syndrome]. Beautiful.”
– Pharmacotherapy II, Gout


“”When all the cells die, of course the animal won’t survive lah.”

“An Australian student wanted to go on a vacation so he killed his [lab research] cells.”

– Research Methodology


“… PharmD students, you can choose to stay or choose to continue.”

– Pharmacy Practice III


“Eagle… eagle eat what ar.. this one must be the worm. BH3 is the biggest bully”

– Bioorganic Principles of Medicinal Chemistry


“…that Asian perspective. A little like Channel NewsAsia.”

– Pharmacy Practice IV


“Have you guys got pneumonia yet? No…?”

– Pharmacotherapy II, RA


“they get morning stiffness, the unlubricated feeling”

“ugh… the stiffness… the tightness”

– Pharmacotherapy II, OA


“To you guys, I’m sure every paper is bad – ‘cos it’s so difficult to read.”

– Research Methodology


“If we can move faster than the speed of light, all hell will break lose. It means you can be born before you die.”



“Some kidnappers are very nice. You get to stay in their house and they give you food and your life is actually quite happy.
(credit: Amanda)
Some kidnap you and kill you; some can keep you for 10 years.”

“The virus is stupid la… I don’t mean to be rude to the virus but…”

“it’s like a man should like one woman… should not like too many womans

i’ll show you an example very soon”

“outsmarted by our own cleverness”

– Bioorganic Principles of Medicinal Chemistry


“Have you gotten TB yet?”

“You can close your eyes and listen and take notes … it’ll be better if you could do that.”

“It’s a disease you don’t want to find yourself with … or else you’ll need to find yourself a sugar mommy or daddy.”

“What would you like to remember for exam?”

– Pharmacotherapy II, RA


“I manipulate a lot of things… labels… and toys…

I know what you’re thinking(!)”

– Research Methodology


“They are living a time bomb.”
(on IBS patients and colorectal cancer risk)

“In Science, we must be scientific.”

“Cancer is like an orchestra, like a symphony – not just a piano or a trumpet)
… if one trumpet fails the other instruments will come in and make up for it”

– Bioorganic Principles of Medicinal Chemistry


“You are always the most responsive when class ends.”

– Pharmacotherapy, Antibiotics


These are very nice names ar.. next time an consider calling your children them
(on Alliin Alliinase and Alliicin)

You have flowers in your intestine ar? What kind?
(on intestinal flora)
– Complementary Medicine


“When there’s a lot of G being produced, it can say ‘A… Hey, A’…”
(on feedback mechanisms in DNA)

“Precipitated in alcohol – so not so happy in alcohol”
(on DNA)

– Bioorganic Principles of Medicinal Chemistry


“Do you have Coke and Coke Light? And here you have Methicillin and Methicillin Light?”
(on antibiotic sensitivity testing)

“She’ll get infection after infection… and eventually… one will… end things…”

“Cost of ADR… For example you put your patient into renal failure.

(*quiet laughter*)

not sure why that was funny… because I have done that before… it’s not funny

Pharmacotherapy, Antibiotics


“…apple is good okayyy.” –

“and the next thing you know you’ll have patient with depression… you will be sad”
(on taking away patient’s favourite food during non-pharmacological management)

“…for example, very heavy gardening, and hiking uphill”
(on suggestions on moderate to intense exercise)

“…for every year, you lose one heartbeat – that’s how they calculate.”

Pharmacy Practice III, T2DM


“For us single men, a child crying doesn’t mean anything – a normal child also does the same thing.”
(on children’s inability to verbalise pain when suffering from otitis media)

Pharmacotherapy, Antibiotics


“Having said that, please don’t try it”
(on the supposed male contraceptive effect of Neem)

Complementary Medicine


“One day when I’m old… I’ll die in your hands”

“You might just end up pulling out a cannon…. to kill… a chicken”
(on choosing the correct “ammunition” (antibiotics))

– Pharmacotherapy II UTI


“What is a good reason for getting a UTI [errata: Catheter]”

“The screen got problem… I cannot see properly…

Next time I should bring a stool. Dr Sklar should have no problem … [Even though] I’m quite tall”
(upon reading the slides wrongly)

– Pharmacotherapy II, UTI and STDs


“Harry Potter and Ron and friends should have played some magic here

anyway, that tells you what magic can do”
(on Forest Plots)

– Research Methodology, Systematic and Meta-analysis


“…the children are so cute, everybody will kiss them.”
(on transmission of HSV/Herpes from adults to children)

“Some people used to not pay the $300 and suffer the disfigurement.”
(on Acyclovir as chickenpox Tx, before generics of it were available)

– Pharmacotherapy II, UTI and STDs


“You can never finish collecting facts – read wikipedia, google… read ALL the papers”

“the chymotrypsin likes to bind to it.. it goes ‘yummy yummy'”

– Bioorganic Principles of Med Chem, Proteasome Inhibitors


“(in another lecturer’s voice) Bring this to class… or not you don’t know who to pick on”

“guys, there’s a lady who needs help… c’mon, c’mon, you’re a superhero. Ang Yong Peng – come and rescue Pamela”

“I’m not trying to matchmake people… Prof C always tries to do that”

– Research Methodology


Quotes after 1/10/2012
(Updated 10/1/2013)


“Malaise…. again, nothing to do with people from Malaysia.”

“I think I would have to be dead to have anyone draw fluid out like that”
(on needle aspiration of sinus fluid for culture in Sinusitis diagnosis)

“… if they find out it’s a virus then they can’t prescribe an antibiotic… I’d say they can’t but they probably would…”
(on preference of making clinical diagnoses and prescribing antibiotics instead of using culture/bioassay test for Pharyngitis)

– Pharmacotherapy II, URTI


“They don’t present with the typical symptoms, because they’ve never read the textbook.”
(Courtesy: Amanda)

“You can recognise this… Most people can’t.”
(on Pneumonia Severity Index sheet)

“Since I’m such a nice person I’ve given you the common doses for the drugs.”

– Pharmacotherapy II, Pneumonia


“Sometimes you have to use your whole bodyweight. So if you’re frustrated, let’s say with your family, your friends… your husband… ahh (laughter). You make this… and it’ll taste very nice… (more laughter)”
(on the reason for displaying a picture of bread on the slide on Tui-Na TCM massage)

– Complementary Medicine, TCM


“Just like you study for examinations right – you only study what you need to know right?”

“When you’re faced with a stressful situation, for e.g. you can’t log on to your facebook, or your fridge runs out of ice cream…”

“Parents/ future parents, please ‘lick’ your child”

Hyper-enrichment programmes during pregnancy can enhance brain function

It might be a case of over-licking. It might be licking the fur off…”

“There are 3 generations in 1 woman – The mother, the baby, and the embryo of the baby (female fetus). So women are complicated.”
(on “fur-licking” in humans)

– Bioorganic Principles of Med Chem, Epigenetics


“GPs still use it anyway…

I seem to be the only one enforcing it (in hospitals for physicians who are non-ID and non-Respiratory specialists)
(on use of new generation FQs in respiratory infections)”

(Editor’s note: one of my friends got Moxifloxacin prescribed when he asked a GP for something that will “faster” cure his URTI)
“Now I’m up here… you gotta say something…”
(after walking up the steps of the LT to get an answer)

“So you’ve started the antibiotics… hopefully it’s the correct one…”

“Another type of Pneumonia, just to confuse you, just like I always like to do.”

– Pharmacotherapy, Pneumonia


“Chances are, the nurse has already brought the two drugs to the bedside and then [she] saw there was only 1 IV plug, so [she] decided to call the pharmacist

It’s not like she’s going to put in the drugs on Saturday.”

“It’s not like you’re never going to”

“… in his previous life, a Drug Information pharmacist…”

“I don’t know anything but I know how to look it up”

“(startled) Just one person! First time in ten years the whole group came up…”
(on presenting questions that should be asked during DI)

“The princes and princesses would fly to Europe and get their drugs, and then they would call us to ask us what those brand names are…”

“I’ve been caught with this before – [the physician] was asking [about a drug] and halfway through I realised that she was asking about herself [instead of about her patient]”

“I still laugh about this… I was a student at some point… and maybe [the DI responder] was nervous… so instead of [asking] “what trimester are you in” they instead asked ‘how pregnant are you'”

– PP3, DI

“In a way, it’s like buying time, because I do not know what Farapon is…”

– Student, PP3, DI

“If they say Farapon, my first reaction would be is this a new movie? Did they even call the right number…? You might wonder what kind of medicine it is. Is it an IUCD? (laughs)

Someone might say ‘I’ve got a bottle of white pills’ … Everything is white, everything is round…”

“Asked the company what the most dangerous component [in Mama Lemon] was

Guess what the answer was? ‘I’m sorry that’s a trade secret’…”

“Popped 40 tabs of Amitryptiline. Went into coma. Got him out of it. Woke and and was still quarrelling with the wife…”

– Guest Pharmacist, PP3, DI

(Editor’s note: It may seem PP3 is full of interesting happenings)


“I’m not trying to mess with your epigenome by showing you this”

– Bioorganic Principles of Med Chem, Epigenetics


“… answers are coming fast and furious…”

Lecturer: Ok, so you said prevent complications. What’s the ultimate complication?
Class: Death (laughter)
Lecturer: Ok yes, death

“It’s oral, yes. Sometimes when something is obvious it’s obvious”
(on oral dosing)

“…my dad just turned 75 on Tuesday.. and… he’s not old. I’ll tell him you said that [75 is old]”

– Pharmacotherapy II Tutorial, Pneumonia


“Emergence is a very contentious topic – just mention it in a room of philosophers of Science. Immediately half the room thinks you’re crazy, [and] the other half thinks you’re on the right track!”

“‘Something needs to be done to save the economy. Spending some 800 billion dollars is quite something. Therefore 800 billion dollars must be spen to save the economy’ (from a quiz question)

This is something that you hear from politicians sometimes but of course it’s not true…”

” It’s not like when I started Physics… [I was thinking,] ‘I’m going to refute them all!'”

– Philosophy of Science


“What do all these people have in common? Yes… they’re dead… what else?”
(on a slide with photographs of famous late people)

“because if you go [to the hospital] you might bring back a friend…
… (*sighs*) the friend is bacteria… I know Halloween is coming…”

“They will slowly kill you… and you’ll die a not-so-nice death…”
(on chronic conditions)

“You don’t have to memorise this slide… this is just for your information… I can hear someone say ‘Yes!’…”

“Well, if you don’t know that person you can’t really tell if they look pale…
Someone… they can just be wearing a lot of makeup, and they look pale”

“Sometimes for the ladies the thumb is not very useful, so we say in goes up to the man’s thumb.”
(on salt and reducing dietary salt in patients with CHF)

“It was amazing, how people cough [in Singapore, when on ACEi]”

– Pharmacotherapy II, Chronic Heart Failure


“It’s like a farmer opening the back gate to the farm – the sheep will flow through… and sheep are quite strong”
(on ion channels being triggered)

“You’ll be exposed to the elements… If you go out camping, you’ll pitch a tent… You won’t sleep under the stars, because it might rain…”
(on importance of cell membranes)

“You can stick the word (prefix) ‘phospho’ at the start of every word, and people will think you’re really smart.”

– Bioorganic Principles of Med Chem, Receptors


“In the classroom, we talk about points, but in the real world, we don’t talk about points – we just want to make sure we don’t kill the patient”

“they give you some peaches as well”
“menstrual irregularities usually in women”
(on Spironolactone)

“irregularly irregular”
(on atrial fibrillation and anticoagulants)

– Pharmacotherapy II, Chronic Heart Failure


“Enzymes have names that are useful – they actually make sense to sensible people”

– Bioorganic Principles of Med Chem


“Contrary to popular belief, the internet has NOT always existed.”



“It’s like a production line (re: a diagram of an artery with burgers sliding down the lumen)

sometimes fast food makes you feel better”

“you should know these by heart”

The guidelines are very stable… ok that was very lame”
(on guidelines on stable angina)

“You don’t want kids to go near it… They’ll be like ‘Ooh! Stickers!'”

(on transdermal nitrate patches for angina)

“every time I say ‘exam’ everyone becomes so quiet”

“the patient was very nice… very patient…”

– Pharmacotherapy II, Ischaemic Heart Disease


“So if their INR is 2.5 then ‘WOAH YOU’RE GOOD'”

“Initially it’s very scary – but it makes you a stronger person”

– Pharmacotherapy II, Thrombosis


“His first name is Paul… but don’t call him Paul ar it’s very rude”

– Bioorganic Principles of Med Chem


“We’re like fortune tellers… we tell patients what’s going to happen… then we’ll say we told you so…”

“Long sugar ca… chains. sugar chains, not sugar cane”

“Nobody cares about molecular science”

Wafarinise… ok we don’t really say “wafarinise”, it’s very Singaporean. Anticoagulate the patient.

“So why do you think we shouldn’t recommend the patch for Mickey? Because Mickey is a mouse!”

– Pharmacotherapy II, Thrombosis



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