Year 3 Semester 2

“The doctors will laugh at you; the nurses will hate you..
Don’t tell them [you graduated from] NUS.”

– Pharmacotherapy 1, on what will happen if you dose in 18h intervals


“Man… or _Woman_…”

– Pharmacy Analysis II, on casein concentration in milk from different species


“Don’t listen to what the drug reps tell you … I’ll say a PPI is a PPI is a PPI”

– Pharmacotherapy 1, on efficacy of PPIs on healing rates


“You are very lucky; you will have a safety inspection during your first practical session. So remember to wear covered shoes… and behave. The reward? I’m not sure what’s the reward… oh, you will be safe forever.”

– Pharmaceutical Analysis II


“…you never know, because you should know them already.”

– Pharmacotherapy, on the chance of being tested on previously tested materials (BP cuffs)


“Maybe the patient would be happy to be in that state…. I would like to be in that state”
(on being sedated/sleeping for days due to barbiturate overdose)

“Basify the patient” (on inducing alkalosis to treat barbiturate overdose)

“[Finishing this set of notes] is going to be challenging huh… (scrolling through 10+ slides) I still have a few slides left… it’s quite heavy ar hurhurhur…”

– PK & Drug Disposition

” That spade thing…

See you also don’t what it’s called right? So don’t laugh when I say ‘spade’.”

– Pharmaceutical Analysis II, on Spatulas (and Teflon pans)

“Char kway teow??? Is it?” Char Kway Teow is it a person’s name, Mr Char??

– Pharmacotherapy, on lecturer’s response to first knowing about Char kway teow, re: a diabetes patient’s diet

“If you dont read this paper, i personally think that you shouldnt be allowed to graduate.”
– Pharmacotherapy, on paper on Pharmaceutical Care
“Don’t complain, because you asked for it.”

– Paul Ho @ Pharm Anal II on the very long and complicated mathematical proving question….

(Courtesy: Fabian)

“Acetaminophen is the least most polar”

“Degasser – It is not referring to the Coca Cola gas……….”

*Holding up a sample grating* “My mediacorp award!”

– Pharmacy Analysis II


“Everybody should be on metformin…”

“I won’t hold you responsible for it, but you kinda have to know…”

– Pharmacotherapy, Diabetes Lecture


“Is it working?

Suddenly I feel I have to yell…

I say I try to yell to wake you up.”

– Pharmacy Analysis II, on his handheld microphone


“There is no need to remember this equation but it is still examinable.”

– Pharmacy Analysis II

(Courtesy: Fabian)


“It’s just like today you dress very nicely, then you take a picture… Doesn’t mean that everyday you dress so nicely.”

– Pharmacotherapy, Diabetes Lecture, on Diabetes patients fasting before checkup and getting hypoglycemic, and getting low glucometer readings despite HbA1C readings being high

“You want to use the thickest and longest (GC (Gas Chromatography) column) for streetfighting”

(Courtesy: Fabian & Justin)

“Don’t worry – I was confused a long time ago too.”
“We’ll talk more about this later… Don’t worry…”
“It’s not easy but it can be done easily”
“Look at your fingerprint. Is it very complicated?”

– Pharmacy Analysis II


“Levemir is the same as Glargine, but it’s a little bit different.”

– Pharmacotherapy, Diabetes Lecture

“Maybe your friend was wearing something heavy.”
(on responding to patients who claim that their friends gained weight after insulin therapy)

“Statin is a wonder drug for patients with diabetes. So everyone should be on statin”

– Pharmacotherapy, Diabetes Lecture

“I think you all should support this (NUSPS) event. There are only 200 tickets and 400 of you. So demand exceed supply. So you can buy tickets and resell them at a higher price.”

– Pharmacy Analysis II, on NUSPS play

(Courtesy: Amanda)

“Wolfgang Paul… Paul is a good name”

“You have more time to make more mistakes. That’s why you have a better chance than me [to win the Nobel Prize]”

“Like a soul disintegrating, it will be disappeared forever. It will disintegrate and fly away.”
(on 魂飞魄散)

– Pharmacy Analysis II

“Sometimes you’ll find that your colleagues are the worst source of occupational irritants”

“Breathing is usually a very passive thing… you don’t sit there thinking ‘breathe in, breathe out'”

– Pharmacotherapy 1, on Asthma


“When i say that is rule, that means it is a rule…
It is as simple as that – it is a rule”

“The formula will be given,
The table will be given,
(Except) the answer will not be given”

“OK…. Can we start….. Morning call…”

– Pharmacy Analysis II

“When you are young, your grandma might call you ‘gou zai’
WHen you are older, people call you ‘Peter’
When you are married, your wife will call you ‘Honey'”
(on primary, secondary and product ion formation)

“When you got to see the scenery, it is good to see overlapping mountains.. but when you do MS it’s bad to have overlapping mountains…”

“This shows you that you don’t need to come for lectures”

– Pharmacy Analysis II, Mass Spectrometry lecture

“These are listed in the guidelines, which I’m sure you’ve all read already

I see you have started to pick up on my sarcastic sense of humour.”

– Pharmacotherapy 1, on Asthma Guidelines

(Courtesy: Amanda)


“(A house officer once wrote) ‘Patient speaks in paragraphs’… How do you speak in paragraphs??”

“If you’re in the ironman triathlon, you can use the LABA (note: Long Acting Beta-Agonists) [with an effective duration of] 10-12 hours.”

“Somehow i forgot to bring my box of toys today.” (re: Inhalers)

“I assume everybody knows what a traffic light is.

[where] Green means go, yellow means slow down, Red means stop.

It’s not the Singaporean driver’s interpretation, where Green means go, Yellow means speed up, Red means stopping is optional.”

– Pharmacotherapy 1, on Asthma

“Someone said there were 8 DRPs, listed 6 and said ‘I forgot the last 2′”
“Some common things students do… they say the same thing 2 or 3 different ways.
You can’t use the term to define the term”

– Pharmacotherapy 1, on CA1


“It’s painful for me, so it will be painful for you.”

“Pi is pi, ok… you know pi.”

“If not, I suggest you go to Toys ‘R Us and get a gyroscope.”

“If you only put in half the energy you’re not going to get to the top are you?”

“You might think, ‘well does this make sense?’. Well, actually it does.”

“You are a child of your parents. It’s not like you look like your mother one day, and your father another day.”
(Courtesy: Amanda)

“It’s like your facebook in a circle – the interaction”

“You have a bigger pool of friends in your Facebook right?”

“In other words, this compound is rather incestuous, right?”
(on intramolecular H-bonding)

“[My neighbour] is a magnetic nuclei – she has a magnetic field…
I am going to interact with her whether she likes it or not
This will lead to a phenomenon called ‘coupling’

You see that guy over there? Don’t worry, I can’t feel him because he’s too far away”
(Note: The guy was me..)

“Whatever you can do, your neighbour can also do”

“In the absence of my neighbours, I can basically go out and look like a hobo”

“A house on top of the slope – it’s the Spanish Villa. It’s not my house
The house at the bottom – it’s not my house either.
My house is actually the 2nd house from the bottom.
This is essentially my address, which is 31, [and which] tells me about my position.

So a chemical shift is like an address.
Integral is essentially how many people at that chemical shift who are basically going to be present.

My house will have one [person]; my neighbour will have one… Low density housing.

How you’re going to look like is dependent on what your neighbours are – [rather] how many neighbours you have.”

– Pharmacy Analysis II, NMR lectures


Note: Names were edited out for public viewing. Contact me if you want to know more =)


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