Year 3 Semester 1

‎”Although I must admit that having formaldehyde in some parts of your body at high levels or high concentrations is not, in fact, going to be very good.”

– Med Chem E-lecture


“Dear Class,

I have surpassed my own expectations and have completed the elearning lecture way before the deadline that I told you. It was not without pain and anguish! The ball is now in your court can access it whenever. One tip: please do not try and listen to this in one go. My voice will annoy you (it annoyed me and I was contemplating ripping my vocal cords out) and you will end up with a massive headache that will require some prodrugs to alleviate the pain. So the lecture is over 4 sections..

Have fun (I didn’t),

Prof C

P.S. I have also posted the tutorial questions”

– Med Chem announcement


‎”It will be closed book.. sorry.”

– on Med Chem CA2


“What is a pun?

– Pharmacology II


“How does one get a penetrating abdominal wound? He can get attacked by a parang, or by a samurai sword, depending whether you are in Singapore or in Japan.”

– Pharmacology II


“On the himalayan trek….. some mushrooms look so good, but once you eat it, you’re GONE.”

– Pathology (Liver/Hepatits Lecture)


“So you treat him so he can happily die of something else”

“Most people don’t eat at certain times of the day. Particularly when you are sleeping – you don’t eat.”

– Pathology (Lipid Pathology)


“I know I’m fast lah.. but am I too fast?”

– DFD II (Biologics)


“Like egg whites – it’s very frothy. Or milkshake[s].” (On Nephrotic-syndrome-related Proteinuria)

‎”Primary glomerulonephritis comes in a variety of flavours.”

“Although it looks terrible, it’s one of the things that does better than it looks.”

– Pathology


“Think broadly”

“Shortness of breast”
– Pathology (Last lecture)


“What is stress?
The confusion created when one’s mind
over-rides the body’s basic, natural and
over-whelming desire to choke the living
daylights out of somebody who
desperately needs it.”

–  Forensic Science Lecture Notes


Note: Names were edited out for public viewing. Contact me if you want to know more =)


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