Dear vice Chancellor,

Perhaps it is time to review our status quo.

It was lonely at the top. For being here, you have my eternal

The thrill of thrillseeking has long left. Office was something
to be fulfilled, not savoured. Fame and fortune were never the
ends of this mindless pursuit of governance, but part of the
process. Yet today there is little that feels meaningful
despite the rampant rewards.

That having got out of the way, it is my humble duty to remind
you that with my departure, you will have to fill my rather
dull-coloured shoes.

After all, you know me best.
The Azalea district has not submitted their latest nuclear
updates. Doctor Orff will brief you in my absence, although
this should be little hindrance given your propensity for
scientific assiduity.

Czerkng Port is sitting on a prime spot. Not just of location,
but also on a great deposit of fuel ore. The Enemy has its
sights on Czerkng. If they attempt any operation on our soil,
give them hell. If you need assistance, Team G reports directly
to the Chancellor.

My party assets and office are free for liquidation. Set aside
20% for the Health ministry for Phase 3 of Project Ambrose. Go
through the Advance Court. Haste is required.
My apologies for not relating this to you personally.
Tell Adam that I’ll always love the way he wakes me up by
nibbling my nose at dawn.
One last word of advice: Truth should never be sought by men.
I miss my cat.
P.S. Dear Herr S, I still don’t know if you did the right
thing, but I’m about to find out


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