Sonnet: First Nap

But lo, beyond a fine cerulean haze
as stepping from the shadows grey, and yet
we gaze upon the fleeting silhouettes
against a greater backdrop silence plays

In distance gleams a stony marble face
whose outline brows a vintage timepiece still
lords over, oversees, observes, until
The age surrounds us with her sweet embrace.

A chime like foghorn, steel on hammer strike
sounds strong above its trove of eras past
Whilst hands of pewter perched on chromium mast
turn wordlessly round rich and poor alike…

…and down the slide of sweet Circadian wine
poured over light of incandescent hue
evolving atmospheres, and then imbues
it with the spirit – transcends faint earth-shines.

then easing into plains of verdant peace
against all better sense, my mind shall cease


About jfkwt

A little person on a little island in a little planet

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