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Brahms’ Cycle by TPO

Brahms Flyer


Quiet 48th

…so bring me to places I’ve never been
to sights I’ve never seen
and make me rhymes that never will
and give me shivers that never still

overplay, overuse, overwhelm, oversee
everything you do I do too
from the showers that spring in the graveyard shifts
rising fast in the foreign light that drifts –
the life in the eye of our modern storm
goes down and up in icy turmoil
whilst rainbow kites look over turning seas
so does my heart stay on your land (and one day and always in your soil)
so does my fear allay – and herewith doth I take my stand

on unstable equilibrium doth thou buoy
the hopes of a million souls at night
and four and a fifth in the day.