Monthly Archives: July 2013

Fortnightly Sporadicity

Dear readers and stalkers alike, it’s been a while since this page last betrayed any sign of activity, so here’s a post to put a swift end to the ninja who was busy deleting my imaginary efforts.

It’s been a trying time, pre-reg and weather effects notwithstanding – if it means anything, personal life challenges have been more than a match to adapting to the far more humane challenges at work (and there’s lecture in school later). A heartfelt thanks to the family and friends who have helped, knowingly or otherwise, with tiding this inconstant writer through some dark times. It’s not over yet but perhaps the first crepuscular rays are making themselves seen.

Congratulations in store (and in lieu of full length review(s)) to TPO and Arts Fission for the long-awaited and -planned Rite of Spring, and despite great technical, physical, dance, musical and collaborative challenges the production was a full-house success, and the small logistical (programme notes) and performance hiccups didn’t mar the overall experience significantly. Congratulations to the musicians who performed On the Strings of Time – enjoyed the programme, loved the Grieg especially even though it was most challenging. Ironically (but with no bitterness) I would have performed for both if not for travel plans.

Here’s to Alliance winning Starladder 6 (which should happen while this writer is asleep), to clear skies, to cool days and cooler nights, and to harmonious and happy people.