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a person’s a person no matter how small

it might be a little more than contrived writing about this just hours before the final set of results (in which passing grades actually matter) are finally elucidated – in the past few months, a couple of life-changing, albeit terrestrial, experiences have carved the frame for this little post – the Lyrids, and a clear sky on the early morning flight to Hong Kong

the Lyrids were interesting, not least because none of those i spotted emanated from the “correct” radiant (this was on the first day of Reading Week) – after about 1-2 hours under the chocolatey-dark Singaporean sky (still darker than most local skies) the human brain starts to lose sense of its bearings – when one stares into space it’s actually staring out not in – out into the place where the Earth “down”, “below”, was actually formed – in the hearts of stars (and we’d if gravity did not exist we would be flying up – we might be just floating home) and as in the Moon Illusion the mind starts to see the world for what it is – a floating ball of star fragments floating through a less dense medium with its creators and their descendants surrounding it, barely (i say “barely” here but) out of reach

if there was a god, a God, or many or none – having had looked at bacterial or yeast swabs and colonies, and assuming the deities are somewhere “up” in the “sky”, he/it/they/no one might find humans (or not) as unintelligible and indistinct as a clump of microbes (and what are atoms to them like the Earth assimilating fallen rock and biomass in some intelligible form or other?) – a galaxy short a few stars is still one, perhaps more so than an ion is an atom but perhaps less so than a rock short a wind-worn layer

looking out into space when (almost) in space is meaningless, insofar as outer space is concerned the human eye perceives just a few shades of difference (blackness, green tinge, blue tinge) against which the stars hang like lamps in an otherwise nondescript but not featureless grand ballroom in which nothing dances but the hearts of those that know better – that feeling when one can literally reach out to grasp one of them for the safe of amusement and displace it at will, while its silent brethren observe it without batting a proverbial eyelid (oh, of course the start won’t twinkle without the atmospheric disturbance – science has long explained everything but that which the human experiences that it cannot explain – certainly a tautology that is at once understood and perpetually beyond comprehension)

no wonder viewing Earth from space (or seeing our home away from home from the old home from which our new home which said astronaut has departed?) is a life-changing experience – the human is not just infinitesimal (not inconsequential) but put in place, like the microbes and molecules humans manipulate (supposedly by design and free will, but if determinism rules aren’t the watchmen the smallest particles themselves, which are ironically part of the whole) and the lives of many bustling salarymen and women and children and living objects and dead manifestations when seen from distant perspective in space and time can hardly be noticed, even they be not inconsequential – the decisions we make now, may have bee made all along, in which case the point of decision would not even exist

as our lives trundle on and on or pass by in a flash, looking back (and forth) may just be, an enjoyment in person, a tragedy in history, a spark in otherwise darkness, or a romance in reality.