Countdown #2 – Music

I’ll cut to the chase here – apart from school, which is practically compulsory in Singapore save for those home-schooled (which is, still, schooling) and those unfortunate enough to be in such circumstances, music was something I lived and breathed for the better part of my life.

Music has (almost) literally brought me places, mostly with great thanks to MOE’s umbrella, under which RI and SNYO were able to subsidise the overseas trips. From Bremerhaven to Koln, Vienna to Salzburg, and Florence to Milan, the competitions and festivals and concerts were both reminders and expressions of the musical line that ran through this life of mine.

Its winding journey brought me through the well-worn paths of the Yamaha electric organ group lessons, to the violin, guzheng (and ensemble-related percussion, and (finally?) viola, with a smattering of piano and guitar dabbling on the side. Multiple-personality disorder aside, it has led me to great discoveries – of meaning, of life, and of love.

Some enquiries regarding this were made – if my family was a “musical family” (whatever that means), if it was difficult (in some ways yes, in a first-world manner). Some reacted in surprise – “you don’t look like you play the ____”, “wah you learn for (so long)”. Generally, despite the slightly inner-circle nature of classical music groups (if you take away the symbolism the practice approaches benign witchcraft of the bad-cooking nature), the road ahead is paved with many good intentions and with many challenges yet unseen.

Now, in memoriam, and in prospectus, a moment of silence, and many moments of music.

Oh, pardon me…



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