Countdown #3 – Words

Admittedly, the last few posts have appeared to be more copy-pasted multimedia rather than original text – this, dear reader, is because I am not a very original writer have been saving the blessings of the writing muse for a more opportune time.

Boy, did time fly.

This blog has seen, since its conception over a year and a half ago, several local events including the AIM, CPIB, underage prostitute (and many other) sagas, the opening of Gardens by the Bay, of UTown, the closing of Bukit Brown, and the implementation of free entry to national museums. Well, technically, the last point is still in the future.

Words were the main, almost only intention of this public blog, which served as a scrawling board for undercooked prose and poetry left forgotten in a corner of the cold room. Several poems and short stories later, it is still not quite certain if I’ve gotten any closer to literary Nirvana, but it has been a great experience and whatever scant attention distributed this way was well-meaning and -formulated.

Being someone of (generally) few words in person, churning out walls of text saying everything and nothing (usually the latter) came quite naturally, although reading it would be akin to finding a needle in a plane crash. Nevertheless, this aspirant will be looking through and editing the old works with the possibility of publishing in mind, adding whatever is necessary in the process. It may be arduous and ultimately incomplete or uncompletable, but that wouldn’t matter in the long run.

This year’s New Year’s Resolution was to come up by the first draft of my first book by the end of the year. The end is not near anywhere in sight, but after consulting the gods of practicality and sanity (something that I should do more often), the hopeful product would be a collection of poems and short writings, of memories – memories of people and places, maybe more of people or of places, but more likely about an equal number of both.

Ideally, after covering the costs of publication, the rest of the proceeds will go to charity.

And with that in mind and only a slew of demons named Procrastination, Laziness, Distraction and the Z Monster in the way, I wish you, dear reader (and myself), godspeed and good night. Or morning.


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