Countdown #4 – Games

Prologue: This post came 1h 23m late (although readers will probably not notice my sudden obsession with deadlines) due to a gross underestimation of the number and personal meaning of games involved. Without further ado, let the games begin!


For what is fun without games?

My virgin experience with games started, like many of my era’s, with the handheld machines – the kind that had a grand total of 1 game per machine. Behold OPTIC BLAST:

Fairly sure it was this colour…

At that age, I only knew how to keep jumping

It was around this time when I got acquainted with the SNES that my uncle kindly loaned (to the horror of my parents)

I was once so proud of reaching the apple stage
(Click to play online)

I’ve always wondered why no matter how big I grew, my tank still died in 1 hit unlike the ph4t enemies…
(Click to play online)


Despite these nostalgic (and many have agreed upon the sheer nostalgia of 8- and 16-bit post-Pong console games of yesteryear) moments and faint memories of, my true awakening (and blackhole of time) started on the PC. Not counting Chessmaster and the edutainment games (that were actually terribly difficult for a 7 year old, involving mathematical and anatomical and geological knowledge) on a once-upon-a-time 486, the very first PC game my dad bought for me was none other than the legendary


Seriously… those firemen must be slacking off somewhere

oh thank heavens it’s ov-ZAPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Tell me this doesn’t give you chills.

It was incidentally my first real-time strategy (RTS) game, which paved the way for many others to come after; some closer to the heart, and some just mere acquaintances. Red Alert may have been the first (RTS) love, but there were many other more traditional games that I partook in, if only to just fit in.

Hey, I beat GIRLS at this. I mean these. Oh no... my life...

Hey, I beat GIRLS at this. I mean these.
Oh no… my life…


Back to manliness… um… quirky manliness


Heading into secondary school, I finally touched base with the games that would later define my gaming habits, my social (virtual and IRL) circles, some of which include long-time friends and many newly-made ones as well.

Counterstike: The Original… Mod.
I did play the original Half-Life in the middle of the night and it scared the panties off my prepubescent, underdeveloped hypothalamus.

Hell knows how many lonely and friendly days and nights and midnights I’d spent in LAN shops and in school (the boys in my class were supposed to teach the girls how to play Counterstrike in JC for a day) watching the pixels zoom by at near-blinding speed (which would give my sister a headache). Quakes 1 to 3, Red Faction, Half-Lifes (Lives?) 1 & 2, Unreal Tournament, Alien vs Predator, Jedi Academy, Team Fortress(es) 1 & 2 later,  none could rival the dedication I gave to this easy-to-learn, hard-to-master game, whether in the LAN centre or as a spectator in WCG in person and on online streams.

It’s funny how a simple, repeated, design can hold so many memories – the first time leafing through the Duelist, the first time seeing a real Black Lotus, downloading decks with a 28.8kpbs connection, reading about Jon Finkel, Kai Budde, Junk and Jank and Orb and Trix and Tog and Wake.

It’s funny how my irateness about Kamigawa (which led to a short argument online) resulted in meeting a new, similarly-humoured friend.

What do MvC2 and The-Reincarnation (once known as ArchMage) have in common? Nothing much, except that I met the same guys who played MvC2 in SG in a TR guild I randomly managed to join during the best run (top 20-30 rank) of my life.


AO is still installed in my hard drive, but will now only be double-clicked on if time and will permits, its excellent, endearing community and the real life friends were all worth the endless (unearthly) hours spent.


As all good things come to an end, it is with a certain degree of sadness and a slight measure of looking forward that I present to you the current vices this author is indulged in:

After the disappointment that was (my first ever pre-ordered game) Diablo 3, Path of Exile has its special place in my heart despite the lag spikes and bugs (of which I’ve had little trouble with).


Looks a bit like the moon now…

Despite my prophesising the conglomerate taking over the world, I’m still a mindless drone working for the greater Google.

Finally, if the reader isn’t dead yet (here’s an extra life), I present to you the King and Queen of my virtual alter ego.

Give or take a few

Cleave is your friend

Originally not even a game per se, DotA became a worldwide phenomenon, and  despite great efforts not to jump onto bandwagons  it became a staple of JC life, NS and Uni. Its Valve offspring:

Blood is thicker than water / Blowing hot and cold

is something to look out for.


Tying the two with a red string of fate is the long-lived and hopefully eternal Teamliquid, which is incidentally linked all over my blog and blogroll. She (or he) is none other than

I could write entire blogposts about it so I’ll just let a few moments speak for themselves:



Especially FBH

and of course, the most classic triple bunker rush.

Years of tears, laughter, joy, sadness, rushing home to watch the OSL finals live, cursing the school network for lagging when the finals ran right after(, before or during lessons), all rode on the legend that is Brood War.


Honorable mentions:


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