Hear the INFP Roar – Mini-post

In a very odd response to a student run initiative Just Lunch NUS (which was followed by Just Lunch NTU), dating agency It’s Just Lunch served it’s pioneers with a lawyer’s letter, and their Facebook page was abruptly taken down.


Quoted from the first source:

“Mr Hakeem was taken aback by the service’s sudden closure, even though he had been aware that JustLunch.nus could be infringing on trademarks.

But he believed it would not be an issue as his lunch meet-up service caters to a different group. ‘We are a non-commercial and student-run group. Dating was not one of our aims, compared to It’s Just Lunch,’ he said.

Lawyer Bryan Tan, who specialises in intellectual property, confirmed that trademark infringement rules may not apply when the purpose is non-commercial…”

It seems odd as well that a quick Google search showed a blogspot blogpost on the dating service. Despite the blog‘s generally negative slant and the difficulty of verification due to the nature of weblogs in the first place, this does not reflect well on the dating agency on yet another (customer service) front.


It’s not that It’s Just Lunch has a bad track record:

“Today It’s Just Lunch boasts over 20 years of successful matchmaking! We have matched tens of thousands of single professionals and arranged over 2 million first dates. You can find It’s Just Lunch worldwide from New York to Los Angeles and from Singapore to Ireland.”

(Quoted from It’s Just Lunch ‘s website)

It’s just that the bad rep that Singaporean service has garnered locally over the years may not promise good prospects in the near future if incidences like the above continue to occur.


In a “progressive” age during which student-run initiatives like Rag and Flag, charity expeditions, health checkups and counselling etc. are promoted and encouraged, it seems ill-fitting that such a clearly socially beneficial idea that was implemented non-profit and legally was shut down so very rudely, appearing to be an act akin to sheer muscling-aside.

Perhaps some just want to have their cake and eat it, and take their neighbours’ too.


Sources include: AsiaOne, Straits Times, It’s Just Lunch, NUS, NTU, PSS




The initiative has been renamed to uniluncher.sg –

Facebook Page
NUS Signup Page
NTU Signup Page


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