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Hear The INFP Roar (Part 3)

At this point in time, I assume to have been pigeonholed by most who see my Facebook as a diehard pro-opposition maniac. While I dislike being thus slotted, it is still very amusing. Also, sometimes I have to oblige my fans (and anti-fans).

Some might wonder why this is Part 3, while those that know me better would probably have guessed that Parts 1 & 2 are either swimming in my head or half-boiled in a separate tab of WordPress. For better or for worse, they are hardly political in nature.

Over half a decade ago, I would have found politics juvenile, if not unworthy of pathy-ism (in the sym-pathy sense, not the neuro-pathy sense). Today (no pun intended), we find ourselves some more amusing news. The below screenshot bits were taken mainly from Today Online.


Behold, Exhibit A:

Spec A

Oh dear…

Courtesy: Today Online


This might remind a little of Potong Pasir’s old Meet the People’s Session venue (currentlywellness centre for senior citizens).



Spec A1

Hmm should I click this?


Which leads to Exhibit B:

Spec B

apply to merge… hmm… huh?

Courtesy: Today Online


If you missed the difference (I just realised first-hand myself) you would be forgiven. Just take a closer look at the text if the photograph made you look twice.

The plot twist of can be thus encapsulated in one word: Touché.

Coming right after the AIM saga, which ensued when the running of the Town Councils by WP was questioned (Note: The TodayOnline article is here), it is notable that WP chose to cite advantages including “achieving higher operational efficiencies”, “leveraging… economies of scale”, and “benefitting from the pooled experience and resources of both Aljunied GRCand Hougang SMC in town council management”.


Looks like no amount of bad press (or bad photography) will be keeping them down, at least for a while to come.

Courtesy: AsiaOne News (

Not a passport photo I would use if I were ever in the news…
(Hopefully, not a mugshot because of this blogpost either)

Courtesy: AsiaOne News


This is Fan-Made

Scrabbling up a new post, but for now here’s another fan-made video and a crowd-sourcing appeal for suggestions of fan-made videos that may be posted here at a later date (leave a comment!):

Edit: Yet another Dota 2 video by Na’Vi