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Last In, First Out (2012)

As I sit here in the dark cursing my penchant for procrastination (I’ll be occupied and otherwise unable to do anything productive for the rest of the eve save draw a wood-and-horsehair contraption over another wood-and-steel contraption), there is much to look back upon the past year.

It is salient to note that the only commonly used units of time that are naturally significant are the day (one rotation of Earth about its axis) and the year (one revolution of the Earth about the Sun). In so speaking, the start of the day before the end of the year might seem apt as the beginning of an end, and the end of today will be the end of the end and will immediately be followed by the beginning of the beginning.

But I digress.

2012 was a year of many firsts – climbing up the Eiffel, writing the most brain-racking pieces seriously, playing in the most challenging concerts to date, being recognised for being worth something ingame (including joining my first clan in MWO), being at the first marriage of a classmate. The first year during which I played in a flash mob, broke my year-long squat plateau, and set a record in daily hits on this blog (readers give yourselves a round of applause); and the first time the only Christmas card I’ve received (I get an average of 1/2 per year) means so much.

It was a year during which I fell asleep standing up, strained a glute lying down, fell sick right before finals started, got kept awake by a screaming neighbour, called security over a disturbed woman, exceeded and failed my expectations on finals’ grades, scored the highest in a core module that I could not care less about (twice), matched the lowest in a core module that I did give a lot for, won a contest which I spent 10 minutes gathering likes, failed to do so for one I spent perhaps hours on doing so, was high enough to warrant a while of recalling to find another time that could rival it, was depressed enough that 2005 seemed that much less of a trough,  and as of today the first time I have been on the roster of so many ensembles and orchestras to date (and not as a violist, ironically).

It was a year of loss – Hurricane Sandy is first on the list because it has a proper name but does not refer to any one human. A classmate’s parent, a cousin’s friend’s parent, the great wife of the late and great Rostropovich, a victim of rape in India, a victim of the no-abortion policy of Ireland. There was the empty bed in the ICU, on which someone had lay dying just a day prior to my witness. There was the mother with the forced smile that came with her family to bring her dying son home. There was the patient who lived like it was the end of the world and nothing mattered, and there was the patient who lived like nothing had happened and smiled like she genuinely had the world left to live in.

With the passing of the year also passes the no-strike reputation of Singapore, the no.1 reliability of the MRT trains, the squeaky clean accounts of the Town Councils (well perhaps this is stretching it a little), the novelty of sex in the papers be it underaged prostitutes, sex-for-favours or sex-for-dethroning.

As for all good things and bad, this will come to pass, and sooner rather than later. For those most happy for posting a message on 12/12/12 at 12:12, or on 20/12/2012 at 20:12, I would say it is nice to be so free. For those unhappy that someone forgot to press the reset button on 21/12/2012, perhaps this will be consolation enough. For the rest, who may already be half-drunk or fully unconscious, here’s to 2013.

Thank goodness there is no 13th month. Cheers.