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2 Comics 1 Concert

In the short span of a few days I finished reading over a thousand pages’ worth of Gunnerkrigg Court. Full of laughs and capable of sating my appetite for juvenile romance, it is nonetheless well researched and rich in mythological parodies and references. Definitely worth a read for those with overflowing time or just a lack of cares.

Some juicy fanart



At the risk of sounding trite and derivative, xkcd’s recent comic is phenomenal. How phenomenal, do you ask? Let’s just say, after a few minutes of perusal, I only discovered 2-3 of these notable easter eggs.

Addendum: I just discovered this. Yes, someone made this awesome comic arguably more awesome.

Go to the original image on the site – this is hardly a preview



After 3 months’ of hard work, rescheduled lessons and rehearsals, sectionals, hiccups, and a disappearing holding room and risers later, NUSSO’s September Concert finally manifested:


Scenes from the rehearsal/soundcheck:


All in all, a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, if demanding and tiring. A very hearty congratulations to the V1s, Exco and the rest of NUSSO, and a big thank you . Here’s to the post-concert celebration, and to Miniatures and March Concert next year.


Five Leagues Near the Open Shore

My heart has left the harbour
Soft hands envelop seas of change
O’er turbid waters one can barely see passing hands across the mist

which beckons storm and drank its fill from strain of waves against the setting sun

a vessel silently threads
sailor’s delight
there are but stars to navigate the open pour of milky way

my eyes see both light and darkness in the

perennial haze of petrichor