Here is a (poorly) reconstructed poem, the few phrases which stay true to the original (written approx. 11 years ago) probably will be just as fun to read out loud as before. As for the rest, well, they be inside jokes and references.


Disclaimer: This is by no means a seriously constructed poem. (A/N: Lalalala)


Buried nose-deep in those lead- and gold-bound tomes,
researching runes, scrawled and scribbled in symbolic script –


Nary a moment without lore passes, as you have always wished
(Not that nature did not bestow favour on your stunning self)
The light of day blinds you – (You!) who only hallucinates
of the flighty, elemental wisps of whilst the
(all that glitters is not geld)
knife of reality plunges while you seek
The Holy Grail.
(It is but a farce… as the golem always said)
Till one day, maybe, in the black of night, sleeping while the
candle burns at both ends, and the living gates to your (no more lovesick?) dead
heart are finally found by the scrying eyes of the nymphs.

(After all, one good turn deserves another)

“You eye me?”


P.S. I’ve exceed 1000 all time views! *pops uncorks the champagne whisky*


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