Sonnet Practice #1

It literally took on a life of its own. Rhyme scheme turned out to be: abba cddc effe gg

Sonnet 1

And I awoke – the Earth was made of glass
But right beneath my nose was concrete grey
And for the longest moment did it stay
My sanity which might soon come to pass
My hands turned into birds of paradise
Upon the starry wings of colours hale
At once a mirage and a snowswept gale
On tabletops did they meet their demise
For grounded – nay, we nailed them to the ground
We drove a wooden stake into each heart
While clipping plumage till it was an art
To still the passions cold ere they were found

So wake at day and sleep by night I try
Thus water of life and of hope runs dry


About jfkwt

A little person on a little island in a little planet

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