Seen on NUS Tables

Warning: Contents might induce choking and a nagging suspicion that the author is actually a stalker.

So on Friday I was giddy with the prospect of the upcoming recess week and decided to prowl the Med Fac tables for graffiti and juvenilia/emo poetry. After harvesting, squinting, a table’s worth, I realised (too late) the underwhelming originality of scrawls – most pieces were (parts of) song lyrics including:

Sympathy – by Goo Goo Dolls
Two days in February – by Goo Goo Dolls
Fallen – by Sarah Maclachlan
A Little Past Little Rock – Lee Ann Womack
Vampire – by Antsy Pantsy (I KID YOU NOT)
So Nice So Smart – by Kimya Dawson  (the last 3 lines, immediately after the above song’s lyrics)
Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
At The Beginning – Richard Mark
You Give Love A Bad Name – by Bon Jovi
I Could Not Ask For More – by Edwin McCain

Of the original ones the notes are follows:


I’m so happy now i think
I might spontaneously combust into
a hundred little fluffy balls of happiness.

(a line’s space but in different handwriting)

But I’m gonna miss this when you’re gone
But thank you for the memories
And everything else.
Every little thing that I never gotta say thanks for.

Specimen #8

2009. The year of breaking boundaries
dreaming dreams (then illegible for 3 lines)
The year of taking(?) the change and
wishing that I could fly.
The year in which the rest of my life begins.
So here’s to 2009.


You said your lies were white and I… I, too stained(?) for them


(Author’s note:  this one is actually part of a poem by Jewel Kilcher

Lost is a puzzle of stars that breathes like water and chews like stone.
Fear is a bird that believes itself into extinction.

Original Poem:
Lost is a puzzle of stars
that breathes like water
and chews like stone.
Alone is a reminder
of how far your acceptance is
from your understanding.
Fear is a bird that believes itself
into extinction.
Desperation: the honest recognition
of a false truth.
Hope: seeing who you really are
at your highest
is who you will become.
Grace: the refinement of a soul through time.
Taken from here

Specimen #4

the city crawls, the rivers flow, where you are I’d never know but I’m still here
You always said I’d be the one to run away but I’m still here
if you were right & I was wrong why are you the one who’s gone but I’m still here?

Specimen #2

Why are we here?

It b a question that has been asked
a thousand times and yet the the answers
change from year to year, day to day
hour to hour , minute to minute, and
second to second. The answer
might never be right. The answer
might never be known. But nevertheless
it is one question that we have to answer.
Our very existence depends on
that holy grail. So my friend I ask of

Why are we here?



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