How You Start A One Man Crusade

So I misquoted Heifetz, and badly at that. Apparently in 1969, Heifetz commissioned an electric car and perhaps helped with establishing a moderately small but significant market for electric cars that lasts till today.

On the topic of energy efficiency, nuclear energy has been widely debated in the past year, and Kirk Sorenson is on a mission to optimise nuclear energy from thorium before others beat him to it. Using Thorium as a fuel instead of Uranium oxide, milder conditions, safer waste and medically useful chain products (isotopes that are created as the result of the radioactive decay chain) are what is promised by this Thorium reactor. Frankly, I think the optimisation of this nuclear power would be the most dangerous and beneficial event of the last 50-100 years – possible war or the end of it could precipitate from this event, leading to the true beginning of the space age (or the end of modern technology?)

Apparently, creativity is promoted by solitude – given just about enough time to bounce ideas off others, geniuses (Tesla, Brahms, Horowitz) come to my mind.

A good sense of humour is never needed badly enough. Impressionists used their namesake label after critics stole the word off the title of Monet’s art piece (thus abusing Picasso’s quote from the then-future). Artwork of notable examples are still on display at the National Museum of Singapore till early-mid February. Of those that followed Monet and Cezanne include the (famed) Van Gogh and (less-famed) Gaguin. I would assume these artists were strongly (almost aggressively and stubbornly) individualistic:

Manet opened the way to Impressionism while rebelling, using the exact means of traditional pictorial representation that he had so thoroughly learned , against academic conventions that had become so rigid that they prohibited painting contemporary subjects.Indeed, because of the scandals he caused, and due to his immense talent as a painter, Manet quickly gained notoriety , and from 1864 will become the leader of a quarrel opposing the old ones and the modern ones. For the future Impressionists, he will become, after Corot and Courbet, an example of a new manner of painting, and a new guide, around whom they will naturally gather and, through whom, for some of them, they will meet.From 1865, famous writer Emile Zola, a school fellow of Cézanne in Aix, will defend Manet’s cause and his new painting in “The Event“, and become the supporter and historian of the arising movement . Painting started an all-out revolution concerning not only painting themes, but also soon its pictorial means .

Another, more contemporary example is blogger Rachel Zeng, who was awarded TOC’s (The Online Citizen) award for Activist of the Year. Her blog contains local issues, especially regarding human rights – Death Penalty, ISA etc. Her work has been featured in exhibitions (which I incidentally did not attend) as well.

Oh, on to myself. Here are my New Year Resolutions. Frankly, they are but thinly veiled deadlines.

  1. Maintain my CAP. I put this as #1 so as to throw my parents and professors off the trail of my current study habits (of which there exist approx. 0).
  2. Learn a wider vibrato and transform my sound on the violin & viola
  3. Do up a short story for the cycle every month and start editing by the June “holidays”
  4. Hit 110 on squat (without hurting my neck) and 6 pullups by the end of the year (meant to balance out and reduce risk of hurting my neck again)
  5. This is where only the blind realise I’ve written nothing about spending more time with family, treating friends better, saving the trees and generally being a protector of the Earth. This is also where I assume that I’ll have the time and focus to achieve the (far) above and keep the (near) above within sight and within mind. That may not have made much sense at all.



Passion runs cold
mutes cries of agony
tepid consciousness withdraws ever so proximally – so near yet so far
fear is on
in your veins

Coursing slipstream under waves
foolish men dive compelled

the surface calms


P.S. This is probably my most extensively linked post to date.

P.P.S. Next up – Systems and Society, Economics and Energy


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  1. Re: resolution #1 – are professors ever on trail of study habits?

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