Retourner à l’école

So, I admit I had to translate this because I didn’t know how “back to school” would translate, so I hope all the Francophiles out there won’t be attacking me with sharpened paintbrushes tomorrow morning while Eric Chan destroys my fragile ego at 8h du matin.

Good day started at 6.50 with my hitting ignoring the alarm (and even thinking someone was calling me at one point in that hazy REM sleep). Almost walked right into a cyclist while crossing a road half asleep, although I didn’t fail to notice that the clogged drain was still clogged. Pictures will have to wait, but the drain is clogged at 2-3 points along about 20m worth of drain, with large twigs which trapped leaflets and plastic bottles and trash and looks worthy of a beaver’s home, except beavers have more class than that.

School school school, late for intro class etc. Got bored, looked for guest players for NUSSO, set up my schedule (including SSO and YST calendars) and bidded for German, which I was to regret later.

4 hour break was spent watching this documentary on Rostropovich:

(Seriously, take a look, one of my best hour+s spent.)

Then, it was off to YST to watch Jon Lee perform during YST lunch recital, consisting of Tzigane, Nardini Vla Sonata, Elgar Cello Concerto (!) 1st & 2nd movements, and a brass quintet (yes I’m biased like that.) Shoutout to Ying Da and Liang Cun.

Alright, the brass quintet has a name – Buzz! Brass, and they played Calvert’s Suite from Monteregian Hills mvts 1 & 2.

Last lesson was the first lecture (see what I did there) of Pharm Anal II, which was a combination of queer and interesting, and the lecturer went to look for the APPS- and IPSF-briefing guy, only to resume speaking right before he came in (unknown to the former), while the class erupted into laughter as he unknowingly told us about the briefing at 3.30pm.

The most serendipitous things happened during the walk to CFA (at the start of the 4h break) and to KR MRT – the former allowed me to spot some blossoms that were located in the modified leaves of the green and purple spiky-leafed plants (yup, botanist speaking) which were actually quite close to the stem and were small and white, while the latter gave me the opportunity to spot a squirrel trying to go up a road sign and then escaped up the angsana(?) near Dentistry, with me getting about 3m from it at closest.

Found out that I got the bid for German, late for gym, weights dropped/failed on last reps for squat and press, didn’t finish cleans due to closing time, practised a little, finished Eric Chan’s 4 little quizzes, noticed a wood shard inside my violin’s left f-hole, and finally finishing this up, and wallah, it’s the 2nd day of school!


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