Coda 2011

To deal with time constraints, clichés will be my friend tonight.

2011 was a year of many firsts – my first time

  1. Voting in a General Election and Presidential Election
  2. Missing a Miniatures (1st one of 2 that happened this year)
  3. Teaching a viola & grade 8 student (If you are reading this, you owe me Bach)
  4. Selling drugs and chewing gum (at Guardian, legally might I add)
  5. Squatting 100kg (low bar) and doing an unassisted pullup (this is more pathetic than triumphant)
  6. Receiving flowers after a concert! Got flowers for 2 concerts *shy*. The first one was a trio with Mr Lim and Natasha, the second time was Childaid 2011 and related to point #7
  7. Leading an orchestra (NUSSO) and leading TPO’s viola section (during rehearsals 😛 by “sabotage”)
  8. Arranging music. I’m on the 3rd and 4th pieces right now.
  9. My CAP actually went up (by 0.0#)
  10. Last but not least, my first time being an uncle!

Obligatory Picture (also seen on Facebook):

We also had our fair share of problems – GE, PE, Pharmacy School’s infamous Year 3 Sem 1, floods in Thailand, ponds in Orchard, MRT breakdowns, elitist furores etc. So here’s a picture for all the melancholy ones out there.

The last thing I’ll be doing in 2011 and the first thing I’ll be doing come 2012 will be my having the most intimate time with my viola – yes, it’ll (and I’ll) be in TPO’s New Year’s Eve concert. A very last minute shoutout but a shoutout nonetheless – the last few tickets for the circle seats

Resolutions will probably have to wait for 2012, so if the world hasn’t ended yet then that would be the time for me to blurb more useless stuff on my dear little WordPress.

Till then!


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