I wonder how I keep my friends

So I read this comment from someone that I actually just met (well, got acquainted with) a few months back –
“On the one hand, music is a difficult path to pursue. At the same time, it’s painful to see talented musicians give up their instrument.”

Somehow, I was inspired to write this:

You hear the clarion call
Of the fiddle left behind
Or the voice you thought you left
With your less dishonest kind

They said you had a calling
Yet silenced every song
With words as yet unspoken
Premonitions, all but wrong

To touch was more than feel
To fret was not unwise
One would walk under the ocean
Among reeds of blue disguise

So lay the stick to rest, and
Kiss the blade of sharp’nd knife
But, leit, you finds the true theme
In the coda of your life

It came out way more convoluted that I expected it to.

Then again, the “triumphant theme”  of Sibelius 1st symphony is playing as I write this.


On another note, I’m going to start writing “Diary of a Professor’s Goldfish” tonight.


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