They See Me Trollin’

Because I didn’t finish my previous post on Psychocybernetics (I think, therefore I will become) =)

I’m having KFC at 1.20am and I nuked it till a part of it exploded and popped. Also, my cousin (and I, incidentally) found out that my calves (body part, not animal) actually ache quite a fair bit.

Her white hamster passed away a couple of weeks ago, but was soon “replaced” by a grey-black one that had run wild on the top level of our block of flats (!!). It turned out to be a young male, and when put together with the ageing black (female) one, it (he) repeatedly tried to mate with her (to her chagrin). After a few failed attempts and passionate squeaks from both (with the male dashing around the cage like a ninja, up and down the bars and on the wheel), the male gave up to emo in the wheel.

And I thought about how people react to such situations…

Apparently the male would bite my cousin when being removed from the cage, and the female would bite after being put with the male.

How… human :S

Anyway, Sunday’s Petrushka yielded a perfect trumpet solo, which Lim Yau cut so that the entire orch could applaud.



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