The Week Ahead

The recent week recorded a nice tally of House Party on Wednesday and Spiritual Grace Presbyterian’s Music Ministry Concert on Sat, while the rest of this week will add to that 1 wedding gig and (accompanying) HOS’s performance at Bartley.

Among the achievements unlocked included giving my 1st performance in a string trio, 1st performance with Mr Lim (Soon Lee) and Natasha (Liu) (P.S. they are awesome), my 1st bouquet (received) and 1st autograph (given). And probably my 1st performance that my niece (unborn) has attended. Whee.

As things are going, school is a major bummer, although I wonder why it is never the other miscellaneous things that are the bummer for schoolwork. Project meetings have started, as have tutorials and practicals. However due to predicted readership annoyance I shall end this portion of the post.

Work on the Five-O transcription has stalled thus far.

7 Sins Cycle has begun, and comments are desperately needed and welcome as my writing skill is barely out of its proverbial shell. Plot outlines for Wrath and Greed are sort of forming in my head.

That’s about it for now. Welcome Tea starts in an hour and the CFA is throbbing and throning with dancer-auditioners.


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