The 1st Time

Ever remembered the first time you rode a bike? The first time you saw an eclipse? tied your shoelaces? smelt a chilli blossom? ate a chilli? Breathed the air on a hilltop that you’ve never been to? Scaled the hill years later before reaching the summit yet again? Taking an airplane and seeing a circular rainbow for yourself? Taking a hot air balloon and realising that it’s much more fun seeing pollen flying everywhere and sneezing than getting allergic to the recycled air in an aeroplane cabin?

Perhaps the first time you saw something much older than yourself like an antique car, a thousand year old tree, million year old rock formation, or stared intently into the heavens or the telescope eyepiece that contained a sliver of it into billions of years of history?

Or the first time you remember stepping on a snail? (I salted one once) Felt an earthquake? Heard a gunshot? Believing that someone is coming or out to get you? Knowing that however perfect your plan is something is about the screw it all up? Realising that you are forgetting about that someone or some-many who are suffering while you are out enjoying yourself? Feeling a surge of insidious gratification when doing something commonly agreed as evil? Doing something charitable and second-guessing yourself (for the first time) as to from where your altruism stemmed?


“For a first post at this new site clearly I’ve moved away from the surreptitious tone that my personal blog elsewhere adopted. Perhaps surreptitious isn’t the word – subdued and near-unreadable is probably a better description of it. Following this will hopefully be a slew of literary (as opposed to mundane), scientific and political ramblings and attempt at a different, publicly-viewable voice of mine. Enjoy.”


Sometimes, once is never enough. Sometimes, once is one too many. Sometimes it’s both – the former during the former part of a buffet lunch, and the latter respectively. At least that is what you tell yourself before coming back the next time. Sometimes, advice on the former is utter rubbish, although most fair warnings fail to address the fallibility of the latter such as taking failure and pain in one’s stride (where prudent, of course).

However, differ as firsts may, as with most things first, the first is usually memorable. “The first time”, we like to call it – the first kiss, first lovemaking, first child, first blood even, much reference to life do these terms connote as well. Hopefully this breathes some first semblances of life into this blog and my first public foray into writing for a wider viewership.


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A little person on a little island in a little planet

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